Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
3/27/14 7pm Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint
3/30/14 6pm Los Arcos (Stone Mountain)
4/2/14  9pm  Pier One
4/3/14 7pm  Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint 
4/9/14 8pm Club Inigma (Marietta)
4/11/14 9:30 Marshalls (Conyers)
4/13/14  6pm Los Arcos (St Mountain)
4/13/14 11pm Baby Grand Piano Bar
4/16/14  9pm Pier One
4/17/14  9pm All Starz
4/18/14 9pm  Grown Folks
4/20/14  6pm Los Arcos (St Mountain)
4/20/14  11:30 Baby Grand Piano Bar 
4/23/14  9pm Pier One
4/24/14 7pm Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint
4/25/14 9pm Albany, Ga
4/27/14  6pm Los Arcos (St Mountain)
4/27/14  11:30 Baby Grand Piano Bar 
4/30/14  9pm Pier One
5/4/14  5pm  Aquarius Lounge
The Soul Cartel
A revolution in live entertainment

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Since bursting on the scene in 2010, The Soul Cartel has continued to compel audiences with a contemporary interpretation of the classic R&B Soul music we have grown to love throughout the years. The Cartel has cornered the market of live entertainment and has raised the bar for live music in Atlanta. After fans have been subject to the Soul Cartel Experience, the norm is no longer acceptable. The Soul Cartel is composed of musicians and vocalists with backgrounds ranging from R&B, gospel, jazz, and funk. This blend of styles is what creates such a unique sound that has audiences begging for more at the end of their high octane performances. With musical influences such as Franky Beverly & Maze, Anthony Hamilton, The Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, and The Gap Band, just to name a few, you can only expect musical perfection from The Soul Cartel Experience. This band’s catalogue ranges from 70’s hits all the way to the current vibes of today in R&B Soul and HipHop. During a time of watered down performances and lackluster entertainment, The Soul Cartel hearkens back to an era of electrifying showmanship and soul singing at its best! The Cartel brings a refreshing sound to a currently dismal music industry that is saturated with artists and bands giving the same old shows night after night. So if you’re looking for the same old songs and sound, then the Soul Cartel may not be the band for you. If you want to introduce your crowd to a new era of live music, then The Soul Cartel is available for your event or venue! Join the movement!

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